Rules and Such (Read if you Love us!)

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Rules and Such (Read if you Love us!) Empty Rules and Such (Read if you Love us!)

Post by Delightful on Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:15 am

Inhuman Rules:
Yes, we know we're inhuman, but we aren't inhumane.

  • What the moderators say goes. If they said you did something wrong, you probably did, if you have any complaints about something tell a different mod, or an admin.
  • Don't flame or troll. Doing so will potentially cause a ban.
  • Don't post meaningless things. If it doesn't add to the topic, it doesn't need to be posted.
  • Don't double post. If you want to add more information to a post, edit that post. If you want the topic to be marked as unread, bump the topic.
  • Post in English. Many people on the forum aren't bilingual, and those who are speak English, so it's good common ground.
  • When making a topic, make it relevant to the post; also don't make duplicates of topics.
  • There is little need in quoting images or massive amounts of text. Put [picturehere] *snip* or something like that where it was.
  • Don't send offensive things to members. Not in PMs either.
  • No adult media. Don't link to it, don't post pictures of it, don't post videos. Talk about it (moderately), but let's keep it PG-13.
  • Don't make duplicate accounts. For a username change, PM an admin.

Any questions you have should be directed at either the mods or the admins.

Have fun on INH! Smiling W


Rules and Such (Read if you Love us!) DelightfulSig
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