30 Facts About You!

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30 Facts About You!

Post by keℓs♥ on Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:35 am

Taken from the Facebook trend.. and all that jazz. Just write 30 facts about you. And don't be lazy and copy them from the Facebook note if you've done this. XD

1. I love taking pictures and looking through them.

2. Sometimes I'll just print up random lists of things and never put them to use.

3. I will pick up the most random things and put them in my mouth.. it's kind of odd actually.

4. My favorite colors to paint my nails are red and black. They're almost always red.

5. I love watching The Tyra Show. XD

6. I'm so definitely not like anyone else, in so many ways.

7. I'm way too friendly, on the internet, and in person. Like, I'll probably come off as either creepy or annoying when you first meet me, but no, I'm just really friendly. And random.

8. I get attached to people way too easily. And some people I can't help but just dislike, no matter what they do.

9. I have problems with sharing huge secrets of mine to people, yet I'm fine with posting where I live and all that jazz on the internet. It's rather odd..

10. Right now a pen is in my mouth. I bet you read that as disco stick.

11. I've had 3 people close to me die, 2/3 times unexpected.

12. I'll burst into song and dance at the most random times. I love my friends because they'll do that too. We're all just a bunch of retards! (:

13. I love hugs. I'll give them to just about anyone. XD Even strangers, yes. Oh, and highfives.

14. I laugh a lot and at the most random times I'll burst into laughter, and I'll end up laughing so hard I'll cry, for no reason.

15. The group of friends I have in school are the kinds that are hilarious, friendly, and random. But they're also badass. A few of them have been suspended, and all that jazz. Some of them smoke weed, too.

16. My school has the most amazing cookies. Seriously, I recommend you all come to my school and try them. Only 25 cents!

17. My friend Carley constantly tells me I'm funny.. XD

18. I don't go with the flow. Definitely not.

19. When I'm at school dances I'll dance on my friends. No, I'm not a lesbian I just know how to have a good time! (: Oh and we'll have shots of fruit punch & dance on tables..

20. I'm really clumsy. I say "ow" at least ten times a day. Ask me how I got the scars I have.. hah. =p

21. I would not trade my friends for anything in the world. I love them. :D

22. My favorite number is 17, I don't know why.

23. I'm sometimes considered quiet or shy, which is such a lie.

24. I'm always willing to try new things. I've done a freefall jump from a 70ft high ledge before.. I was on a rope though, but yeah. It felt so weird, like the feeling in my stomach while I was doing it.

25. I love babies, just how they're a combination of the mother and father, and they inherit stuff, and I can't explain it but yeah.

26. I'm a pretty good actress. For example, when I'm acting happy, I'm usually pretty depressed, I just don't like telling most people stuff like that so acting happy is just much easier.

27. I don't ever get sad, I get extremely mad. I'm the violent type.

28. Speaking of types, I'm also the jealous time. Like, majorly. Usually I'll try to hide that though, but I don't hide my violence. Nothing like a good fight!

29. I really wanna hurry this up with so I can go watch Oprah.

30. I dream about things you'd never imagine.

I love reading everyone's facts so hurry up and post, foo.


"i take pleasure in the details. you know, a quarter-pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter becomes a cackle."

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Re: 30 Facts About You!

Post by Kahara on Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:35 pm

1. I don't ever want to get married.
2. I'm considered a slut in my school, a slut and a bitch. But it doesn't bother me.
3. I hate Cheerleaders, even though I used to be one.
4. Yes, I cheered for 4 years.
5. I know when people lie to me in person, really, I can tell.
6. I love taking pictures, but I need a good camera.
7. My family is so important to me. Really, I can't live without my family.
8. I've been through a lot in life, so people who've had it easy really bother me. Maybe that's me being a bad person.
9. My mom is my best friend, and my dad is my rock.
10. I'm in love. I can't control it but it's the best feeling in the world.
11. I have a wall built around me, people can't hurt me unless I let them.
12. My cats are my babies, I share my bed with my babies.
13. I only want one daughter.
14. I'm a fun, goofy person. I love the silliest stuff like the word "Dinky".
15. I really want to live in New York city.
16. I'm not sure what I want to be when I'm older, I'm a caring person so maybe a nurse.
17. I've only had about 2 REAL best friends, and I lost one from being really stupid.
18. Kelsey is my best friend, I couldn't really live without her. She's like the second half of me.
19. I'm ready for life, I hate this part. You're young enough not to have power over your life but old enough to have responsibility.
20. I get jealous easy.
21. My favorite color to paint my fingernails is Navy and my favorite to paint my toenails is grey. School colors XD
22. I'm in advanced classes, meaning I'm really in 8th grade.
23. Heels are really important to me. <3
24. It's hard for me to hear about my brother dating. I get jealous.
25. Changes make me really sad. I can accept them, but I always miss the past.
26. I'm not really passionate about anything, I'm passionate about love and life.
27. YAY my favorite number. 27 is my favorite number.
28. I love warm weather, and rain.
29. There are many things in life that I want to do, but I can only see me doing them with Kelsey.
30. Last number already? There are many things that I would change, but none for me.

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Re: 30 Facts About You!

Post by ~ərry on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:53 pm

Copy-pasted from facebook:

1. I like peen.

2. I trust Josh the most.

3. I like Kingdom Hearts.


5. I like Sims.



8. I like classical music, srsly.


10. I like technology.

11. Pop is my main like of music, then comes the techno/rave category then classical and soundtracks.

12. I'm very sensitive.

13. The majority of my friends are teachers, IRL.

14. I never get enough sleep.

15. I dislike bigotry.

16. I wish for the pope's death.

17. I think I'm overweight, but people say that I'm not.

18. I am absolutely random.

19. I have changed immensely since 2007 - my first encounter with actual communities.

20. I have a KH/Sims crossover which currently requires a 2nd chapter.

21. I don't tag people, apart from those who tagged me.

22. I like architecture - you can tell by my obsession with Hollow Bastion.

23. My favorite fruit is probably the banana. ;;


25. I got 53% attendance at school, lmfao.

26. I'M LISTENING TO SEPHIROTH'S MUSIC FOR KH2, which'd probably get you scared. fdead.

27. I dislike SLP. oweeeeee

28. I have attempted CC and such, yet failed.

29. I want your ugly, I want your design.

30. (Final) I want your everything as long as it's mine, I want your love.



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Re: 30 Facts About You!

Post by keℓs♥ on Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:07 pm

Omg Kari I so agree with you on #29 I mean there's lots I wanna do in life but I can't see me doing them with anyone but you haha its crazy.


"i take pleasure in the details. you know, a quarter-pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter becomes a cackle."

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Re: 30 Facts About You!

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